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Due to the fact that it is among the biggest banks in the united states, wells fargo home office assists a broad number of customers, ranging from institutional customers to those who require secured credit cards. If you do not have a stellar credit rating, having a guaranteed card can make it much easier to purchase things and even to acquire loans from conventional lending institutions. It is additionally an ideal credit card if you presently do not have a credit history that banks can review. Additionally, you can use a secured credit card to start developing your credit history. A number of the features included in a Wells Fargo secured credit card are:

APR – Annual Percent Price

As per a statement from Wells Fargo, the variable rate is reflective of each market conditions as well as the US Prime Price. It is presently standing up at 18.99%. This price, however, is just for purchases and balance transfers. If you need a cash advance, you will need to pay 23.49Percent. This as well is each variable and depending on the prime rate. If your Wells Fargo secured charge card can be used to create a buy, you have a 25 day elegance period to clear any amounts that are exceptional before you start accruing interest charges. Alternatively, interest charges for cash advances instantly accrue after you have created a deal.

Requirements For Deposits

In each and every aspect, this credit card is very much like almost every other secured card. If you wish to use it, you need to deposit funds to your equity account. Based on your investing power, you can make deposits that range from $300 completely approximately $10,000. You need to know, however, that no interest will likely be compensated on your down payment account. Fortunately, secured card holders will have periodic reviews done by wells fargo 800 number. When you have been examined, you might be entitled to a advertising to a charge card which is unsecured. At this point, the bank will come back your money that has been held in your collateral accounts. Should you be presently trying to improve your credit score, this will give you a substantial increase.


You need to make fee payments over a periodic schedule, which arrive in addition to your APR. Typically the annual fee is $25. For foreign transactions, this charge is 3Percent.

Benefits associated with Having a Wells Fargo Guaranteed Credit Card

There are a variety of benefits that the card can have for those who have less than appealing credit histories. To begin with, you can start making on the internet buys. You are going to even be able to utilize this bank card to help make your travel plans. Expected gmways the reality that Wells Fargo will discuss your repayment background with credit reporting companies, you can begin restoring your credit standing. Having a good credit rating can be very helpful when you are searching for work or attempting to rent an apartment.

In the event you lose your work this can make it much more challenging so that you can clear your past due bills. When this occurs, it is going to most likely possess a unfavorable influence on your credit history. If you happen to be in a scenario like this, you might be not relegated to struggling quietly. You can pay out your power bills to make purchases by using wells fargo 1 800 phone number secured bank card.

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